Flight of the Surf Guitar Tabs

 Big Swell

 Dawn Patrol
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 Flight of the Surf Guitar
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 In The Shadows Tab
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Our Flight of the Surf Guitar Tabs book is available. Includes all tracks from “Flight of the Surf Guitar”. To order your copy now, go to our order page.

Atlantics Live at Freshwater Guitar Tabs

 Tabs from the “Live at Freshwater ” DVD by The Atlantics, recently seen on ABC TV. Check back regularly for updates.

 One More Summer

 Ticket to Rio
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Point Zero Guitar Tabs

 Tabs from “Point Zero“, released in 2003.

 Return of the Dolphins
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 Hawaii 5O
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 Point Zero
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Sample Tracks

Here are a few samples tracks (marked download) from the CD for you to hear. You will need software such as Windows Media Player or other device capable of playing WAV files. To Download, Right Click and use “Save Target As”. or Left Click to play.

Track Title Full R-Time Sample/Size/R-Time
Point Zero
1 Point Zero 3m.03s DOWNLOAD (646Kb)
4 Warp 5 3m.19s DOWNLOAD (969Kb)
6 Blond Street 3m.22s DOWNLOAD (969Kb)
8 TransAtlantic 2m.43s DOWNLOAD (969Kb)
14 Hawaii Five-O 2m.20s DOWNLOAD (646Kb)
Atlantics – The Next Generation
1 Tube Screamer 3m.03s DOWNLOAD (753Kb)
2 Under The Hood 3m.19s DOWNLOAD (1.4Mb)
3 Atlantica 3m.22s DOWNLOAD (646Kb)
10 Crack of Noon 2m.43s DOWNLOAD (646Kb)
12 Bombora Nylon Mix 2m.20s DOWNLOAD (646Kb)
Flight Of The Surf Guitar
1 Flight of the Surf Guitar 2m.37s DOWNLOAD (1.3Mb)
3 Big Swell 2m.38s DOWNLOAD (1.1Mb)
9 Bondi James 3m.33s DOWNLOAD (1.3Mb)
11 Freakout 2m.43s DOWNLOAD (1.2Mb)
14 Bombora 3m.07s DOWNLOAD (1.7Mb)
16 The Crusher 3m.03s DOWNLOAD (1.7Mb)

2 Comments on Downloads

  1. Hallo your gods of surfsound,

    my name ist Jonny. I live in Bavarian/Germany. I’m a fan of your guitar sound.
    I look for tabs from you song: Atlantica. For me the song is a mix from the 60s and alsow modern in 2016 (i think to Carlos Santana). Is there a chance to become the tab from this song?
    I love your music and I wish the Atlantics many years of success an luck.
    Your Jonny

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