The Atlantics – The Best of …..

Surfersaurus - Martin CiliaFormat: CD
Released: 2005


Track listing

  1. Bombora
  2. Mirage
  3. Reef Break
  4. Surfers Paradise
  5. In The Shadows
  6. Moon Man
  7. The Crusher
  8. Gremlin From The Kremlin
  9. Bluebottles
  10. Transatlantic
  11. Glassy Walls
  12. Flight Of The Surf Guitar
  13. Giant
  14. Teddy Bears’ Picnic
  15. Rumble and Run
  16. Greensleeves
  17. Point Zero
  18. Gatecrasher
  19. Shark Attack
  20. War of the Worlds
  21. Night Star
  22. Atlantica
  23. Stomping Time
  24. Warp 5
  25. Saturday Night

2 Comments on The Atlantics – The Best of …..

  1. hey guys,

    It looks like these tracks are new recordings?, can you confirm one way or the other please.

    If they are not re recordings, are they the original recordings from the day from master tapes?

    • Mark, did you ever get a response to your question? I am a collector of their surf music CD’s and have at least three and then made my own compilations for my car. I am not an authority… but I sure know my way around.

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