Reverb Central: The Atlantics – Bombora …The Next Generation ****

This is the 12 inch single from the …The Next Generation album. There’s something fascinating about the merger of Oz surf and discotheque production. While it’s not as adventurous as the Surf Coasters remixes, it is nonetheless plenty of fun if you just don’t screw your trad hat on too tight.

Picks: Bombora …The Next Generation, Bombora (Banjo Mix), Bombora (Nylon Mix), Atlantica, Blackberry Blossom Stomp

Track by Track Review

Bombora …The Next Generation ****

Discotheque Surf (Instrumental)
Heavily processed with programmed sequences, and a long intro, they eventually get to the classic riffs of their great “Bombora.” This is a fascinating blend of the extreme credibility of “Bombora” and the dance floor. I found it hard not to like this. Its adventurous and brave excursion into the strobe lit world of the disco is attractive in a strange way, perhaps similar to the Surf Coasters industrial remix of “Miserlou.”

Bombora (Banjo Mix) ****

Discotheque Surf (Instrumental)
Heavy intense guitar twango, bumpy disco rhythms, and that banjo… it’s like a surf journey into the backwaters of Deliverance backlit by strobes and lasers. Yikes! The banjo break is priceless, especially the banjo glissando… I can’t resist!

Bombora (Nylon Mix) ****

Discotheque Surf (Instrumental)
“Bombora (Nylon Mix)” is way more compact, more direct, and more tightly pop structured. The arrangement is brilliant! Amazing!

Atlantica ****

Discotheque Surf (Instrumental)
High flying, spacy, whale-call echoed, and very modern, “Atlantica” is exotic, Latin, infectious. The scream of the guitar is very modern and intense. A bit noodly at times, but quite cool.

Blackberry Blossom Stomp ****

Discotheque Surf (Instrumental)
Heavy and thick, bumped beat backed, this circular country hoe-down is like Roy Clark at the disco. Way too fun!